Designed to be sturdy.  You

can shovel gravel in it without worry.

Hanitoongold sluices are

tig welded.


How highbanker works ?

Highbanker is a modern way to sluice gold.

It is compact in size and easy to move.

Highbankers wash sand and stones efficiently, and the screen separates larger stones from the washed soil.

There is no need to constantly check the sluice to see if there is a stone stuck there.

In Hanitoongold's hopper, the screen is the length of the entire hopper and flooding does not occur.

From the screen, the sand falls onto the first carpet and continues its journey down to the actual carpets.

Hanitoongold highbankers are designed differently. 

There has been taken care of  some problems of highbankers:

- The sand is not cleaned in  the screen

-Sand piles up on the sluice

-The hopper box is overflowing

-Too narrow legs

- Hopper boxes too short

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