Welcome gold diggers !

Hanitoongold is  Finnish gold sluice

manufacturing company

Sluices are designed and manufactured in Finland

Be a goldminer!

Gold fever won’t heal, ever !

How to become goldminer ?

Kuinka aloittaa kullankaivuu ?

Becoming a gold digger is easy.

By joining the Lapinkullankaivajain association as a member,

you can dig into the LKLs  claims

Many people  start their hobby with a gold pan.

And when the gold fever hits for the worst time, it's time to move sluicing.

In gold mining, the amount of land excavated is usually proportional

to how much gold you get.

You should pay attention to the equipment so that it works,

recover gold and are easy to use.

The word Hanitoon is a  south ostrobothnian dialect and means big / great

Link to hanitoongolds YouTube channel

Sometimes it feels like the stones are smiling too.

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